DVD, 90 min

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Drama / Romantiek
Taal : Grieks
Ondertiteling : Engels
Regie : Vassilis Tselemengos
Scenario : Maria Powell
Met o.a. Giorgos Chorafas, Konstandinos Markoulakis, Katia Zygouli

This is the first feature film by Vassilis Tselemengos. The story is based on the novel written by Andreas Staikos. Damocles is a famous chef, whose cooking is no longer popular. He feels lonely and unsatisfied. Nana comes into his life in a critical moment: he has decided to write a book on gastronomy and Nana is his muse. His cooking turns into a complicated personal art, as it is a gift to Nana and a way to attract her. Nana on the other hand poses for Fine Arts students and uses her beauty to survive. She is lonely and careless until the day she meets Damocles. Their relationship changes her life but it gradually makes her suffocate. However Nana finds a new love interest, when Dimitris moves to the building. Dimitris is a young, volatile man with no special talents. He manages to cover his loneliness by pretending to be nervous and very busy. The couple next door is the center of is interest. Dimitris creates an explosive atmosphere as he attempts to challenge Damocles cooking talent and tries to become a better chef. Nana turns, from an insignificant woman into a protagonist. Trying not to loose what luck has brought her, she “plays” a dangerous game becoming a femme fatale.
Δύο άντρες, ο ένας διάσημος σεφ και άλλος μάγειρας στα πλοία, μοιράζονται τον υψηλότερο όροφο μιας αθηναϊκής πολυκατοικίας αλλά και την ίδια γυναίκα: τη Νανά, μια μυστηριώδη, αιθέρια ύπαρξη, η οποία παθιάζεται με τη μαγειρική τους.

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